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19 Oct, 2017 09:18

‘Thought he was safe – wrong’: Migrant stabbed to death in London after family slain by Taliban

‘Thought he was safe – wrong’: Migrant stabbed to death in London after family slain by Taliban

A young man who was stabbed to death in a London park was in the UK after his parents were murdered by the Taliban in Afghanistan, his family has revealed. Nasiri Moosakhan, 20, was fatally wounded while playing football on Sunday.

Moosakhan, known as Musa, was with friends in Plashet Park, East London when a heated argument turned violent.

“I received a call and ran to the park. My cousin was just lying there. He had a wound in his chest. He lived for about 20 minutes, but could not be saved,” his cousin Daud Musafer, 28, told the Evening Standard.

“I cannot believe this has happened in the UK, in London. I told him he would be safe here, in the champion of countries, in the best city. I feel terrible, it’s just a waste. I am heartbroken.

"He was just in the park to hang out and play sport.”

The stabbing happened at around 4pm, near the Plashet secondary school for girls. Police and paramedics rushed to the scene, but Musa could not be saved and died in the park.

Musa, traveled to London from Kunduz province in Afghanistan in 2015, after the Taliban slaughtered his family. His mother, brother and father were all killed by the terrorists.

Musa, who fled to England, had become a laborer and was learning the building trade, trying to take the opportunity he was given and “bettering himself,” his cousin said.

“He loved playing sport, especially basketball. Because his family had been killed, I was his closest relative,” his cousin said.

“I was like a dad and a brother to him. He was a genuinely good person, he would not hurt anyone. I thought he was safe here — I was wrong.”

It is not clear what the fatal row was about, but a friend said it was “stupid” and “over in a second.”

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with Musa’s murder.