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18 Sep, 2017 14:38

Brexit can be stopped, says rogue ex-govt insider calling for #indyref2

Brexit can be stopped, says rogue ex-govt insider calling for #indyref2

Having already called his boss a lazy bully who can’t even make a sandwich, David Davis’ former adviser is offering new hope to ‘Remainers’ with the bold claim that “Brexit can be stopped.”

James Chapman, who used to advise the Brexit secretary, was speaking at the Liberal Democrat annual conference in Bournemouth on Monday to call for last year’s EU referendum to be “overthrown.”

The Liberal Democrats are the only mainstream party openly pushing for Brexit to be scrapped.

While much attention has been given to Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the triggering of which officially kicked off the two-year Brexit process in March, Chapman argues there is another piece of legislation the government has to trigger in order for Brexit to come into effect.

According to the ex-adviser, Article 127 of the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, which rescinds the UK’s membership to the EU’s single market, must also be signed off by the PM in order for ‘Leave’ to become a reality.

Chapman argues this could offer the perfect chance to collapse the whole process and “overthrow” the referendum result. The government, however, argues Article 50 is enough to automatically take the UK out of the EEA too.

Chapman himself was one of the people responsible for selling Brexit to the media and public while chief of staff in the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) before he resigned in June.

He has since had a very public political conversion on Twitter. In August, he said Brexit would be a “catastrophe,” calling on “sensible MPs” to admit it and form a centrist party with the aim of reversing Brexit.

It was his very undiplomatic revelations about his former boss Davis, however, which put Chapman under the spotlight. These include:

Allegations that Davis is cozying up with BBC journalists.

The Brexit Secretary relies on third parties to stir the six teaspoons of sugar he adds to his tea.

And the fact that the Brexit chief got Michael Barnier mixed up with a far-right friend.

Chapman also made the bold suggestion Davis is lazy as he only works three days a week.