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Melissa McCarthy rides Sean Spicer’s podium through New York streets

Melissa McCarthy rides Sean Spicer’s podium through New York streets
The sight of Sean Spicer riding through New York’s Midtown on a motorised podium set the city abuzz with excitement, Friday – even if it was in fact SNL’s Melissa McCarthy at the helm of the White House lectern.

Saturday Night Live’s McCarthy took her infamous skit to the streets, and more specifically, to the vicinity of CNN offices, exciting reporters and onlookers alike.

The shoot was for this week’s SNL hosted by McCarthy and apparently called ‘Spicer Returns’.

Sean Spicer has been absent from the White House press briefings this week as he was reportedly attending to his monthly duties as a Navy Reserve officer. However he returned to the press podium Friday morning.

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Of course the location for the now viral shoot was unlikely a coincidence. Trump has labelled CNN as ‘fake news’ on a regular basis.

Earlier Friday, Trump joked in a tweet in response to ‘fake media’ that maybe it would be best to cancel all future press briefings.

McCarthy's Spicer can be heard shouting “come on” as she zooms straight faced through traffic on her bespoke segway.

Some Twitter users were lost for words at the bizarre sight, responding aptly with Gifs.

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