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20 Jan, 2017 16:32

British police Taser their own race relations adviser (VIDEO)

British police Taser their own race relations adviser (VIDEO)

An investigation has been launched after police in Bristol, southwest England, Tasered their own race relations adviser after apparently mistaking him for a wanted man.

Judah Adunbi, 63, was Tasered by officers from Avon and Somerset police outside his home on Saturday.

The Guardian reports Adunbi sat on Bristol’s independent advisory group, designed to forge links between police and the community.

Video recorded by a neighbor shows police scuffling with Adunbi as he tries to walk through the gate of his home before falling to the ground after being shot with a Taser.

Adunbi is quoted in the Guardian saying he thought he was going to die.

I felt that was it. Because of the way I fell back. The way I fell backward on the back of my head. I was just paralyzed. I thought that was it. I thought they were taking my life.”

In the video he refuses to provide his name, stating: “I’ve done no wrong. Leave me alone.”

After the Taser is discharged, an officer says: “Taser, Taser, Taser. You’ve been Tasered. All right?

The neighbor who is filming can be heard protesting, although an officer tells him: “He was trying to fight us.

Adunbi has said he feels humiliated after the incident.

At first you don’t accuse someone of being someone else. You ask questions. The first thing they should have done is come to me in a polite manner. The way they approached me – they were accusing me. That is wrong.

Avon and Somerset Police voluntarily referred the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Avon and Somerset Chief Superintendent Jon Reilly said: “I understand the community are going to have concerns. And we’d really like to answer those. But as there’s an ongoing investigation that’s very difficult for us to do.

I want to reassure the community the whole incident was captured on body-worn camera. Both officers were wearing it. And we’re determined to understand what happened. That’s why we’ve referred it, voluntarily, to the Independent Police Complaints Commission for them to assess whether an independent review is necessary. We work really hard to work positively with all communities and I see no reason why that should change.