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5 Jan, 2017 14:50

UK borders breached by Afghan murderer and Syrian refugee using fake passport

UK borders breached by Afghan murderer and Syrian refugee using fake passport

Britain’s border security has come under scrutiny after a Syrian refugee revealed how he entered the UK on a fake passport, and a convicted Afghan murderer who beheaded a woman got into the country, only to assault two police officers days later.

Jamshid Piruz, who served seven years in jail for murdering his female tenant in Almere, near Amsterdam, attacked two police constables days after arriving in the UK last January.

Meanwhile, Syrian refugee Mohammad Aabouss told the Sun newspaper he was amazed how easy it was to enter Britain with a fake passport, adding: “I could have been a terrorist.”

It comes as former Scotland Yard counter-terrorism detective David Videcette criticized the EU’s open borders policy and accused the bloc of not being serious about the safety of its citizens.

Dutch resident and convicted murderer Piruz first came to UK Police attention when he assaulted a member of staff at Gatwick Airport.

He was soon released by local magistrates, and days later he attacked PC Jessica Chick and PC Stewart with a hammer as they investigated a burglary in Crawley, West Sussex.

Court documents from Piruz’s murder trial in the Netherlands describe how he was “inspired by Taliban movies in which beheadings were seen.

The Daily Mail reports Dutch judges rejected his insanity plea, concluding: “The killing of the victim was not the result of an instantaneous violent emotion, but a decision to do so.”

Tory MP Henry Smith, who represents Crawley, said: “Why was the information that he was a violent offender not available to us from our EU partners?

This is an appalling example of the kind of people who are getting into the country undetected.”

In another example of a lapse in Britain’s border security, The Sun reports how a Syrian refugee entered the country using a fake passport.

Mohammad Aabouss exhausted his savings on a £300 bogus passport he used to fly from Dortmund, Germany to London’s Stansted Airport.

The passport photo, which looks similar to Aabouss, triggered alarms on the facial recognition scanners, but a border official let him through anyway.

The Sun reports how Aabouss, who fled war-torn Aleppo with his family, then burned the passport and claimed asylum in Croydon, South London.

I was desperate to get here but amazed they let me in,” Aabouss said.

If it was that easy for me imagine how easy it would be for a terrorist with more finances and more sophisticated methodology.”

Former counter-terrorism chief David Videcette argues the EU is not doing enough to protect its citizens after the Berlin Christmas market attack, in which the suspect fled the scene and escaped to Italy.

He argues the bloc should do more to prevent the minority of criminals and terrorists from abusing freedom of movement on the continent.

If the EU were a bank, it would be the softest target around,” he wrote in a blog published on his website on Thursday.

It would be robbed time and time again. It would never implement even the most basic of security measures.

I do not believe the EU is serious about the security of its citizens.”