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Street artist paints moving Carrie Fisher tribute outside north London pub

Street artist paints moving Carrie Fisher tribute outside north London pub
A street artist has painted a tribute to Carrie Fisher on the side of a north London pub. The Star Wars actress, who died on Tuesday aged 60, is depicted as Princess Leia in the touching mural.

The US-born street artist known as Pegasus took just three hours to complete the painting on the side of the Winchester pub in Islington, North London.

In the center of Fisher’s chest is a sacred heart symbol, and the whole painting is surrounded by a red wooden frame. A halo around her head makes her look like an angel.

When I’m doing street pictures of people who have just passed away it’s quite raw for people still,” Pegasus told the Evening Standard.

They tend to stand around me while I’m painting then come back to see the finished picture.

As it was happening, people were getting their phones out to take pictures.”

He said Fisher, who was open about her bipolar disorder, should also be remembered for mental health advocacy.

People were just pleased to see that famous image of Princess Leia out on the streets.

“She was so iconic but there was also another side to Carrie Fisher which many people didn’t know about which was her mental health advocacy. That, for me, was most important.”

Pegasus also painted an image of the recently deceased singer George Michael in Great Eastern Street.

All these people that are passing away I’ve grown up with. Every single one is important,” he said.