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7 Nov, 2016 12:16

Nigel Farage plans to head 100,000-strong march on Supreme Court to protest Brexit ruling

Nigel Farage plans to head 100,000-strong march on Supreme Court to protest Brexit ruling

Acting UKIP leader Nigel Farage is planning to lead a 100,000-strong march to the Supreme Court on the day Prime Minister Theresa May’s government appeals a ruling on MPs’ involvement in Brexit negotiations.

The march is expected to take place on December 5 with a view to coincide with the first Supreme Court hearing of an appeal against last week’s High Court decision.

Judges ruled against giving the government a royal prerogative, thereby allowing Parliament to have a say on when Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty can be triggered.

Farage, who on Saturday warned there would be “disturbances on the streets” if Britain did not leave the European Union, is now set to lead the demonstration from Trafalgar to Parliament Square.

A spokesman for organizers told the Telegraph that millionaire Brexiteers Arron Banks and Richard Tice had, together with Farage, “secured support from thousands of Leave voters.”

He added that the protest would “make a point that ‘Brexit means Brexit’,” as well as work as a “reminder about what we voted for, so there is no slippage on the single market which we think this case was used to get a negotiating stand on.”

“This will remind the Government, politicians and the establishment, including the court, that they cannot ignore the democratic vote of the people in the referendum.”

Demonstration organizers are also planning to crowdfund £100,000 (US$124,000) to pay for the legal costs of representing Leave supporters in the Supreme Court. This would mean both government and members of the public will be in court in December, challenging the High Court ruling.

The appeal process will last four days and the Supreme Court hearings will be streamed live on the internet.

On Sunday, Farage appeared on the BBC’s ‘Andrew Marr Show’, arguing a delay to Brexit would unleash a “political anger the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed.”

“The temperature of this is very, very high,” he added.

“I'm going to say to everybody watching this who was on the Brexit side, let’s try to get even, let’s have peaceful protest and let’s make sure in any form of election that we don’t support people who want to overturn this process.”