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19 Sep, 2016 13:00

Neo-Nazis run ‘whites only’ food bank for Glasgow homeless

Neo-Nazis run ‘whites only’ food bank for Glasgow homeless

A Neo-Nazi group which celebrates the evil concentration camp crimes of Dr Josef Mengele is publicizing a PR stunt in which it set up a food bank in Glasgow, Scotland, for “whites only.”

National Action, who recently held a ‘Miss Hitler’ contest, teamed up with a Polish fascist group to run a “whites only” food bank for homeless people on Saturday night.

Anti-racism campaigners accused the fascist group of taking advantage of vulnerable people in a bid to spread a campaign of hate and division.

The extreme right-wing youth group emerged from the far right in 2013. It boasts of being “more radical than the BNP [British National Party]” and targets students and universities in the UK for members.

It is openly racist and homophobic and has celebrated the gruesome medical experiments of Nazi concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele.

Its website displays anti-Semitic imagery and lengthy quotations by Adolf Hitler, and the group uses the motto “For a Free White Britain.

National Action described its Glasgow stunt as “whites helping whites,” according to the Daily Record.

It teamed up with members of the violent far-right National Rebirth of Poland group, which has previously denied the holocaust and vandalized Jewish homes.

National Action boasted: “A small glimmer of hope appeared on the streets of Glasgow when National Rebirth Of Poland and National Action Scotland took to the streets together to feed and clothe the white homeless population.”

The move copies similar actions by far-right group Golden Dawn in Greece which have been nicknamed “soup kitchens of hate.

Neo-fascism expert Dr John Pollard, of Cambridge University, warned emerging far-right groups are modelling their social outreach programs on the Nazis.

Casa Pound and other neo-fascist organizations in Italy have put a lot of effort into ‘social outreach,’ including helping the homeless, the unemployed and pensioners.

Their HQ in the center of Rome is effectively a squat. It houses a number of homeless families. They have followed this strategy in other towns and cities.

Of course, this is nothing new. The original Nazis invested heavily in social outreach during the great depression. This was institutionalized into the Winterhilfe – ‘winter help’ – after they came to power,” he added.