Want more from your workout? Try electrocution! London’s shocking new fitness fad (VIDEO)

Want more from your workout? Try electrocution! London’s shocking new fitness fad (VIDEO)
A London personal training firm has adopted new technology which helps you get fitter faster – by electrocuting you.

Getting fit could become a whole lot easier if a new technology known as Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) lives up to the hype.

EMS uses electrical shocks to trick your muscles into thinking they are working harder than they actually are, meaning a 90-minute workout can be condensed into just 25 minutes.

Excerceo Training is the first company to introduce EMS in the UK.
Head trainer Nooroa Ogden told RT’s sister news agency Ruptly the technology takes “a little while” to get used to.

Once you get used to the initial shock factor of it, it’s absolutely brilliant in what you can do. It’s very intense, people are shocked at how hard it is.”

Users wear a special body suit with shock pads during their workout and choose how strong the electrical impulses will be.

Your brain sends electrical impulses down to your muscles what to do, so your brain is already sending them off. What we do is overload this and we spike it, so we send a lot more electrical impulses to it, so all of a sudden the muscles have to work a lot harder than what they actually think they have to do,” Ogden told Ruptly.

The technology could revolutionize fitness, enabling people short of time to cram heavy workouts into mere minutes.

When you do it you sort of feel vibrations all over your body and everything you do is much more difficult, so for example if you lift the weights that are 2kg, you feel like you are lifting maybe 10kg of weights, so it’s really difficult,” marketing employee Ido Sebban said.

The future of fitness? Maybe. But EMS training has some way to go before customers can take a bodysuit home.

With Exerceo charging £250 (US$325) for just five workout sessions, the latest in fitness is likely to remain the preserve of London’s richer clientele for the time being.