Surreal Taiwanese cartoon nails the Brexit crisis (VIDEO)

Surreal Taiwanese cartoon nails the Brexit crisis (VIDEO)
A bizarre animation from Taiwan featuring a drunken Nigel Farage literally kicking immigrants out of the country pretty much sums up how many feel about the post-Brexit situation.

In 1.5 minutes, the video explains in simple, and not entirely serious, terms what Brexit means and how it came to pass.

Taiwan-based TomoNews skirts controversy with its computer-generated animation.

Prime Minister David Cameron is depicted with a pig attached to his groin, in reference to last year’s “pig gate” scandal.

Meanwhile Nigel Farage is seen slurping back a pint of English beer before literally kicking an immigrant family off an impossibly high escalator.

The video begins with a scene portraying Cameron in tears as chief Leave campaigner Boris Johnson steals a blue torch, which was once the Conservative Party’s logo.

It goes on to illustrate how the crash of the British pound has strengthened the dollar, making UK property more alluring to US developers like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

It ends with an animated map showing Scotland physically separated from the UK via giant rockets made from Irn Bru cans – a nod to the nation’s favorite soft drink.

The surreal scene refers to Scotland’s plans to hold a second independence referendum in light of the “leave” vote, as the majority of Scots voted to “remain” in the EU.