Brexit has affected some people strangely

Brexit has affected some people strangely
Britain’s shock exit from the EU has caused some people to go a bit wobbly, with many expressing their views on social media

For some, the terror of Brexit contributed to relapses into habits detrimental to health.

Major news organizations, as well as individuals, looked to be showing the strain of Brexit. Fox announced that Britain had left the UN.

Others were philosophical in their resignation, putting the surprise result down to the inherent strangeness of the British race.

Others were so swept up in an irrational wave of Brexit-fueled aggression that they turned on their own.

…others did not appear to have the energy even for that…

Some found themselves grappling with the concept of a vote on leaving the EU tragically late…

Others just went along with it.

While amid the chaos one man tumbled upon a profound existential truth