Parents smoking cannabis outside UK school warned to stop

Parents were warned at the school in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. © David Bebber
Parents smoking cannabis while dropping off and collecting their children from a school in the English town of Radcliffe, outside Manchester, have been warned to stop in a sternly-worded letter.

Deborah Binns, deputy head teacher at St John's Primary School, wrote a letter February 11 to the "parents/carers" of all 138 students after receiving complaints from a few adults and “older children” at the school that they spotted cannabis use by some cheekier mums and/or dads.

Police have been notified of the situation, according to Binns, and are “likely to be keeping a close eye on the situation.”

Headteacher Jason Harvey added to the letter, saying that there are lots of great parents at the school, but there was a “need to send a letter to remind people that this is a place of learning and we are trying to set a good example for the children”.

One parent took to Facebook to ask, “Surely people who smoke it can wait til they get home or at least away from the school to smoke it?”

Last month, a fashion copper masquerading as a primary school headteacher in Darlington asked parents to stop wearing their pajamas when coming to the school.

Earlier this month, a school in Nailsea near Bristol sent a letter asking parents not to allow their children to urinate on the grounds when they pick them up.