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30 Jan, 2016 17:33

9 arrested amid clashes between far-right ‘infidels’ and anti-fascist protesters in Dover (VIDEO)

9 arrested amid clashes between far-right ‘infidels’ and anti-fascist protesters in Dover (VIDEO)

At least nine people were arrested after clashes erupted between far-right and left-wing demonstrators in the British port town of Dover over the country’s immigration policies.

Police officers were forced to intervene with riot gear and dog handlers to calm the situation when protesters began to use bricks and smoke bombs. 

A total of nine people were arrested. Some of the charges included possession of a weapon, breaching the peace, violent disorder, and public order offence. 

There were even some injuries reported, including one broken arm and five “minor injuries,” AFP quoted Kent police as saying in a statement.

While the area is known for its white cliffs, Saturday it was filled with white "supremacists" from The National Front, SouthEast Alliance, NorthWest Infidels, and the East Kent English Patriots.

They are all opposed to immigration, as well as EU migration to the UK, and converged on the port in protest.

Countering them were "anti-fascist" groups, including the Kent Anti Fascist Network.

The town center turned into a "war zone" with smoke bombs, rocks, bottles, and bricks thrown between the opposing groups, resulting in injuries on both sides.

With tensions running high in advance of the protests, there was a strong police presence around Dover with special 'Section 60' powers in force to 'stop and frisk' people for offensive weapons or dangerous instruments.

The Dover Express reported the town was "in chaos" as the two sides repeatedly clashed,  with some protesters having to be "dragged away badly injured and unconscious."

A service station outside the town was forced into "lockdown" after an altercation erupted in its car park, with right wing groups smashing the windows of a bus and drawing a swastika on it.