Scrambled in space: British astronaut shows how to make eggs aboard ISS (VIDEO)

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Press a button, add water and wait a little – this is the unique recipe for scrambled eggs in space shown by the British astronaut Tim Peake from aboard the International Space Station.

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Breakfast this morning – scrambled eggs,” the astronaut said. According to the cookery tips from the space guru, we need to take a pack of dried scrambled eggs, add some water and wait five minutes. Then “astro-delicious” food is ready.

Not quite as good as at home, but they are definitely scrambled! Space scrambled eggs,” the 43-year-old army major wrote on Twitter.

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Peake became the second British astronaut after Helen Sharman’s flight in 1991. The astronaut left Earth on a Russian rocket on December 15 and will remain aboard the space station for six months.

In January, he made history becoming the first ever Briton to make a spacewalk from the International Space Station (ISS).