‘Dairy delinquent’ terrorizes town in series of ‘yogurt attacks’

‘Dairy delinquent’ terrorizes town in series of ‘yogurt attacks’
A search is underway for the perpetrator behind two ‘drive-by yogurt attacks’ in Dorset.

The Central Somerset Gazette said the incident “shocked the South West town,” leaving one victim “shaken.”

Alison Nurton, 39, was opening her shop on Wednesday evening when a driver in a convertible threw an open pot of yogurt at the unsuspecting woman, in what the Telegraph called an “unprovoked dairy-based attack” which has left the town of Sherborne “reeling.”

"As I was unlocking the door I heard a loud bang and felt something splatter in front of me.

“I thought it was an egg at first and then I saw the broken yoghurt pot on the floor and realised that I was covered in yoghurt.

“I was very shaken and angry as it was dark and the whole incident was frightening and quite upsetting,” Nurton told the Gazette.

According to the Western Daily Press, the “dairy delinquent struck again” after another yogurt pot was found on the pavement outside a nearby pub on the same night.

It seems some Twitter users haven’t taken the drive-bys quite as seriously: