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20 Jan, 2016 18:01

Never too old: 90-yo groom marries 96-yo bride

Never too old: 90-yo groom marries 96-yo bride

Two nonagenarians in the UK prove it’s never too late to tie the knot.

With the combined age of 186, 90-year-old Bill Griffiths and 96-year-old Flo Marshallsay got married this past weekend after Bill proposed "out of the blue" last month.

And of course, since they’re British, his matrimonial offer came while they were having a cup of tea at their West Midlands home.

The newlyweds were joined by 50 of their family and friends at St Hilda’s Church in Smethwick, where Flo was given away by her grandson Mark.

This was followed by a reception at a local hotel, where the couple fell asleep on armchairs after a tiring day.

Bill and Flo first met 20 years ago when Bill and his then-wife Joan were at a dance hall.

"At one of the dances I said to Joan ‘can I have your husband when you’ve finished with him?’," Flo told Express & Star. "She said ‘you can have him now if you want!’ But I never thought it would actually happen."

Following Joan’s death in 1997, Flo cooked meals for Bill and the two grew close. A number of years later, Flo moved into Bill’s house and the two were inseparable.

"I guess it's a bit odd for two old biddies like us to get married," Flo told ITV. "Bill's a really loving and helpful man. He's still quite handsome too and doesn't have many wrinkles."

"You're never too old to get married" she added, before admitting she will have some paperwork to take care of now that they’re hitched.

"I suppose I've got to ring the pension people to change my name now," Flo said.

Amazingly, Bill and Flo are not the world's oldest newlyweds. They're not even the oldest ones in the UK.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, 103-year-old George Kirby and 91-year-old Doreen Kirby claimed the top spot when they got hitched in East Sussex last June.