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14 Jan, 2016 13:28

Scottish man jailed for playing Dolly Parton music too loud

Scottish man jailed for playing Dolly Parton music too loud

Michael O’Rourke will always love Jolene and other Dolly Parton songs, even though he’s going to jail for playing them too loud outside the hours of 9 to 5.

Scottish authorities jailed the Aberdeenshire resident after his neighbors have been crying their heart out to police while he had a party two doors down.

He was sentenced to four months (!) in prison Tuesday for actions which police called “utterly appalling” and was something they would expect “from a teenager living away from their parents for the first time.”

The 56 year old, who is hard of hearing but still in his rockin’ years, has repeatedly breached 'anti-social' behavior orders for playing music by the likes of Dolly and Johnny Cash too loudly and late into the night at his home.

Branded in 2010 as "the oldest raver in town”, police arrested O’Rourke after he verbally abused and tried to kick police officers when they came to his home, the Daily Expressreports.

In the latest of a string of complaints from neighbors in relation to the loud music, O’Rourke told police in July 2015 that he would soundproof his apartment as he wasn’t going to stop playing the music.

"Why should I stop listening to my favorite music just because of a few vindictive folk?” O’Rourke said in 2010. “I'll never stop playing my vinyl."

During sentencing on Tuesday, Sheriff Andrew Miller said the authorities had “tried everything” to keep him out of jail but to no avail.

“I hope that a four-month prison sentence will have some effect on you,” Miller said.

O’Rourke will now be singing his own Folsom Prison Blues after he received 12 weeks behind bars for his antics.

“Hopefully he will have learned his lesson,” local councillor Anne Allan told the Daily Mail. “I think the neighbors will enjoy the peace and quiet for a couple of months.”

For those of you who don't have NIMBY neighbors, turn this Jolene up to eleven.