‘F*ck Trident!’ Spoof posts sent from Jeremy Corbyn’s hacked Twitter account

© Reuters
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account was apparently taken over by a rogue tweeter on Sunday evening when, for a few minutes, a series of profanity-filled messages were posted online.

One tweet mirrored Corbyn’s strong anti-nuclear weapons stance, though phrased in a manner rather more explicit than the Labour leader’s usual tone, suggesting that everyone “f*ck Trident.”

Another insulted the prime minister, calling David Cameron a “pie,” much to the glee of users across the globe.

While online for only a few minutes, the tweets were quickly picked up by Corbyn’s 380,000 followers, retweeted and screenshotted for posterity. 

The nationality of the hacker has been widely speculated, with a number of users suggesting the phrasing of the Cameron tweet was characteristic of the Scottish vernacular, while others claimed the fourth tweet used an Australian slang term.

A Corbyn spokesman declined to comment on the tweets.