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6 Jan, 2016 13:52

#WoofWoofWednesday! Google UK leaves dog in charge of Twitter account

#WoofWoofWednesday! Google UK leaves dog in charge of Twitter account

Forget ‘bring your pet to work day’ – Google UK appear to have left theirs in charge, as a dog took command of the tech giant’s Twitter feed on Wednesday, with some barking mad results.

To celebrate #WoofWoofWednesday, a Twitter trend in which users post photos of their dogs, the tech giant’s UK account let one lucky pooch, or “Doogler,” off his leash and into the Twittersphere.

Soon enough, the golden retriever was posting profound statements, “tj b3wi-tjjtj4tjb w sniff ;kb rlrkgjh” and, illuminatingly, “wwwww ffjfjfjg bspiogj posekrj.

The words “bark,” “paw” and “woof” were all spelled flawlessly, so it’s safe to say the pup may have had some help from an intern.

But what was Google UK hoping to achieve with this Wednesday afternoon whimsy? Perhaps they value dogs more than humans, or maybe it’s a demonstration that anyone can do a job in social media?

It could even be seen as a political statement about the endless reams of internet content, little of which holds any real value and drifts across oceans of limitless internet space – writing a lot, but ultimately saying nothing.

Or, maybe Google UK just wanted to get in on the cute cascade of doggie photos on #WoofWoofWednesday!