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6 Oct, 2015 15:52

New period alert will text women from inside their vagina

New period alert will text women from inside their vagina

A new period product seeking support on Kickstarter will link up with women’s smartphones to tell them when they need to change, and even when their period is due.

The Looncup – which is similar to the already popular Mooncup – is placed inside the vagina to collect menstrual blood, but, unlike the Mooncup, users will not need to check when to change.

Using Bluetooth, the product will alert users when their cup is 50 percent and 70 percent full. As well as notifying users of their cup capacity, the Looncup can alert women to potential problems such as sleep loss or stress by analyzing the color of the blood.

The cup comes with an app which also lets women know when their period is due.

“Looncup can do so much more than a tampon, pad, or even a regular menstrual cup,” the product’s website claims.

“It’s the world’s first smart menstruation cup, and you’ll love the way it tells you how full it is, and when it’s time to refresh.

“Looncup can even track your fluid volume, and tell you about your fluid color and cycle. Try finding a tampon, pad, or cup that can do all that!”

The product has received more than half of its £33,000 Kickstarter funding goal. If it secures full backing the Looncup will go into production in January 2016.

The cup itself looks similar to the Mooncup, but possesses an antenna which is used to send messages to the nearest smartphone or Apple Watch.

It will be one of the first pieces of wearable tech designed to help with periods.

“We believe that each tiny Looncup can make a huge impact on the lives of women around the world, and we need your help. Looncup is safe, convenient and so smart, with a securely embedded sensor that talks to your smartphone,” the Kickstarter page reads.

“We continue to test and enhance the Looncup, and with your support, we can do it, helping women worldwide to win back their freedom and live happier, more enjoyable lives.”