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28 Sep, 2015 11:12

Banksy moves Dismaland to Calais ‘to shelter refugees’

Banksy moves Dismaland to Calais ‘to shelter refugees’

Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park is to be dismantled and relocated to Calais to shelter homeless refugees in camps, the world-famous street artist has revealed.

The controversial exhibition, which generated £20 million for the Weston-super-Mare economy in southwest England, shut its doors for the last time on Sunday after five weeks.

The dismantling process is expected to take up to three weeks. However, its creator Banksy has said Dismaland will be relocated to Calais.

‘Dismaland Calais’ 

A post published on the Dismaland website on Sunday reads: “Coming soon… Dismaland Calais.”

All the timber and fixtures from Dismaland are being sent to the ‘jungle’ refugee camp near Calais to build shelters,” it adds.

The post included an edited picture of what Dismaland Calais ought to look like, showing a refugee camp superimposed with the “fairytale” castle.

“No online tickets will be available,” the announcement warns.

The park, which originally opened on August 22 in Weston-super-Mare, attracted over 150,000 visitors during its five-week run.

Banksy described it as an “art show for the 99 percent who’d rather be at Alton Towers.”

Visit Somerset chief executive John Turner described Dismaland as a “global phenomenon of major importance for the region.”

The Banksy effect as brought into the town a worldwide audience which I never experienced even with the tragic pier fire, which also gave full media presence,” he said.

Among the park’s exhibits was an English Punch and Judy show, warped with a sinister twist referencing pedophile Jimmy Savile, and a pond of migrant-filled boats.

Poignant, then, that Banksy should choose to aid refugees suffering in Calais camps.

Nearly 5,000 people displaced from Africa and the Middle East are believed to be camped in and around Calais.

Many of the refugees, who are living in dangerous and insanitary conditions, have repeatedly tried to cross into Britain. Some have died making the attempt.