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16 Jun, 2015 12:46

​Social media-savvy socialists urged to become Labour ‘supporters,’ back Jeremy Corbyn for leader

​Social media-savvy socialists urged to become Labour ‘supporters,’ back Jeremy Corbyn for leader

Leftists on Facebook and Twitter are being urged to become Labour “supporters” at the cost of a £3 donation to vote for left-wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party leadership contest.

The veteran campaigner and MP, one of few remaining full-blooded socialists in the Labour Party, was put on the leadership ballot after a last-minute push by campaigners who reportedly bombarded MPs with nomination demands.

Corbyn’s Facebook group now dwarfs those of his main rivals with 19,000 followers. A Change.org petition demanding his inclusion attracted 7,500 signatures.

Members of Corbyn’s team have called on online campaigners to ensure that “all this energy and power is translated into votes.

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Changes to the Labour Party structure carried out by former leader Ed Miliband mean that people may now join as “supporters” at a cost of £3 to vote in the leadership election.

Members of Labour-affiliated trade unions can also register at a reduced price.

Campaign for Labour Party Democracy spokesman Jon Lansman told the Morning Star newspaper: “I think we will see lots of people joining up to back Jeremy.

There are an awful lot of people out there who have been disillusioned for years, who maybe used to be members of the party who will rejoin in some way.

The calls come just a week after former Prime Minister Tony Blair warned the Labour Party against a move to the left after its shattering general election defeat, declaring the party will lose again if it doesn’t occupy the center ground.

Blair said there was no evidence of a shift to the left in British political attitudes, despite the Labour Party losing its strongholds in Scotland to the left-leaning Scottish National Party (SNP).

The deadline to register to vote in the leadership contest is August 12.