Cameron breaking bad? Manchester police offer to ‘have word’ with annoying narcotics criminals

Reuters / Stefan Wermuth
Having trouble with an unreliable dealer? Their drugs aren’t up to snuff? Don’t know who to turn to? Greater Manchester Police might just have solved the problem.

The police service tweeted some helpful but possibly misguided advice, which was met with cruel mockery from the razor sharp wit of the British public, who quickly tried to drop the dime on high-profile celebrities, fingering them for drugs offenses.

The police tweet read: “Annoyed with your drug dealer? Tell us who it us and we’ll have a word with them for you.

The Twitter account, which posts crime updates from Carrington, Davyhulme, Flixton, Partington, Trafford Park, Urmston and Woodsend, saw its tweet gain nearly 3,000 retweets as users continued to spam the account.

Some appeared to jokingly squeal on “literally the worst drugs dealers ever” who were “always selling under.”

Others tried to snitch on more recognizable public figures, such as Prime Minister David Cameron and giant chemist chain Boots.