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Cameron tries to woo women voters in ‘patronizing’ interview

Cameron tries to woo women voters in ‘patronizing’ interview
In an attempt to win over female voters to the Conservative brand, Prime Minister David Cameron issued an interview with a women’s magazine, sharing his family life and love of cooking. Critics have called his comments “patronizing.”

Women are statistically more likely to vote for the Labour Party than the Tories.

Some 28 percent of mothers with children under 18 plan to vote Conservative, compared with 48 percent who favor Labour.

Three months ahead of the 2015 general election, Cameron has evidently tried to woo female voters by polishing his “family man” image.

In an interview with Woman & Home magazine, the PM heaped praise on his wife Samantha Cameron.

It is true that behind every man there is a great woman,” said love-struck Dave.

She truly is the empress of multitasking, and amazing at doing it all, from overseeing the children’s homework, having a business life of her own, doing a lot of charity work, and supporting me as prime minister.”

The PM confessed that Sam Cam chooses his clothes for him, adding “she has extremely good taste.

“I’m not really interested in clothes, mainly I like wearing clothes that don’t make me stand out.

@Independent that's up there withe the pink bus!!!

— Eileen (@Eileen43Eileen) February 26, 2015

He often shops at Marks & Spencer and Gap. When in the fitting room, clothes are passed to him under the door “like feeding time at the zoo!”

Cameron said friends would describe him as “fun and optimistic.”

I love cooking, it’s a very good way to get your mind off things,” he told the magazine.

Yesterday I made roast chicken and all the trimmings and my signature dish is probably something slow-cooked like belly of pork or shoulder of lamb,” he waxed, adding he is a “barbecue obsessive.”

Cameron's done an interview with "Women & Home" magazine where he describes himself as an "optimistic and fun guy". Sorry if you're eating.

— Angry Salmond (@AngrySalmond) February 26, 2015

Fun-guy Dave’s interview was skewered by social media users, branding it a “patronizing” election tactic – worse than Labour’s now infamous pink bus.

@Independent: David Cameron tries to appeal to women by talking about cooking” *facepalm*

— Kirsty Bates (@kirstyfbates) February 26, 2015

A Twitter user said: “Thought the pink bus was patronizing? Corrupt Cameron makes a patronizing arse of himself in a women’s magazine.”

Thought #pinkbus was patronising? Corrupt Cameron makes a patronising arse of himself in women's magazine. http://t.co/MEJRLSePQB

— Mark Green (@greenygreen96) February 26, 2015

David Cameron tries to appeal to women by talking about cooking http://t.co/LAnOFENZDd Bloody idiot

— Lyn (@ladylyn54) February 26, 2015

Another Twitter user branded him a “bloody idiot.”

Others accused Cameron of stereotyping women in this interview.

@Independent yes, cooking. And makeup. And highlighting anything pink will REALLY appeal. Because that's what we all are.One big stereotype.

— aliceheywood (@22carrots) February 26, 2015

Yes, cooking. And makeup. And highlighting anything pink will REALLY appeal. Because that’s what we all are. One big stereotype,” one Twitter user spat.