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UK store Argos criticized for racism: ‘Nasty’ economic system slammed

UK store Argos criticized for racism: ‘Nasty’ economic system slammed
​UK retailer Argos have been labelled “racist” after selling Asian and black dolls for £10 less than their white dolls.

The British catalogue retailer sells children’s dolls, made by a French company called Corolle, on their website.

The Caucasian ‘Maria’ doll was being sold for £34.99, while the black ‘Namia’ doll and the Asian ‘Yang’ doll were sold for £24.99.

After discovering the price differentiation online when shopping for her two-year-old daughter, a furious mother-of-two expressed her anger to the Sun Newspaper. The mother, Lisa O’Reilly, 32, from Lincolnshire thought it was outrageous.

It’s unacceptable for children to think white is better or more desirable,” she said.

There’s enough prejudice in the world already without battling against racist toys,” she added.

Twitter users also expressed their outrage, with some calling it “racism.” Others believed the white dolls were more expensive due to “higher demand.”

Simple demand issues,” a Twitter user tweeted when debating on the topic.

Another Twitter user said: “It could be because more white people buy them, so their profiting on familiarity.”

Additionally, a Twitter user blamed the price difference on the “nasty economic system” as he said: “Unfortunately, in this nasty economic system called capitalism – that will happen in the UK, seeing as the demand for white dolls will be greater than that of an Asian or black doll.”

This is blatant racism but no one wants to admit it,” a Twitter user said.

Argos apologized to the distraught mother and blamed the price differentiation on “a genuine online pricing error.”

In a letter, Argos said: “we are sorry to read that you are offended by the price difference between the Maria, Yang and Naima Corolle Calin Dolls and I can assure you that Argos would never intentionally upset or offend our customers in any way.”

An Argos spokeswoman said the catalogue retailer “strongly refuted” any suggestion of discrimination.

We apologize for any confusion caused,” she said.