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8 Jan, 2015 10:45

Caught short: Virgin Trains teen out of loo roll rescued by Twitter

Caught short: Virgin Trains teen out of loo roll rescued by Twitter

The power of social media came to the rescue of a teenager who ran out of toilet paper on board a London to Glasgow Virgin train, as he appealed to the Twittersphere for help.

In this millennial age where growing numbers rely on social media for almost anything, 16-year-old Adam Greenwood was saved by members of staff on the 19.30 Euston to Glasgow train last month.

A sanitary Samaritan brought a fresh roll of toilet tissue to the door, after Greenwood tweeted Virgin Trains for help.

Although caught in a jam, Greenwood decided to tweet his embarrassing situation to his followers, whilst copying in the Virgin Trains account.

“I've just had a reasonably large poo and there is no toilet roll left on the @Virgintrains 19.30 train from Euston to Glasgow pls send help,” the teenager tweeted.

Virgin trains replied to the Lancaster teen’s tweet within two minutes, asking: “What coach are you on Adam?”

Greenwood rapidly tweeted back: “Coach J, thank you.”

A Virgin employee with the initials MW replied, informing Greenwood someone would come to “rescue” him.

AFP Photo/Will Oliver

Greenwood told Buzz Feed News: “As soon as I saw there was no paper I instantly thought, let’s tweet about it and make people laugh. There were a few small laughs on Twitter but nothing more.”

It was only after his initial jest that Greenwood realized: “Oh no, there's actually no toilet paper.”

“After realizing this I got a tweet from Virgin Trains asking which carriage I was on, so I responded quickly by peering out the toilet room door and checking the carriage letter – this wasn’t awkward at all I swear,” he added.

Greenwood said he saw a guy “looking quite worried” in a full black suit carrying a toilet roll. He explained. “After the awkward exchange and smiles, I grabbed it off him and finished what I started!”

The grateful teen tweeted his thanks, calling his social media rescuers “bezzies tbh. Travelling via yourselves on Saturday – let's have some fun.”

Virgin Trains advised Greenwood to “bring some loo roll just in case.”