UK school in lockdown after gun shots reported

UK school in lockdown after gun shots reported
Dorset Police have arrested a man, following reports of shots being fired at groundsmen near Highcliffe School in Christchurch, Dorset.

Staff and children are being kept indoors, Dorset Police have confirmed.

Local police officials say the situation poses "no risk to children" attending the school.

Dorest Police searched the vicinity around Highcliffe School, following reports that an airgun was fired at groundsmen in the area.

A police spokesman said the suspect was spotted in possession of an “air weapon.”

No one was injured in the incident.

"Police were called at 12.06pm to reports that an air weapon had been fired at groundsmen working on fencing surrounding Highcliffe School in Christchurch," the police spokesman said.

"Dorset Police would like to reassure parents there is no risk to the children at the school, who are being kept in the school building."

The school said in short statement posted on its official website that "reports in the local press of armed police being called to the school are incorrect.”

"There is no need for parents or students to be alarmed," the statement added.