#WeatherBomb: Extreme wind & waves batter northern Britain (VIDEO)

#WeatherBomb: Extreme wind & waves batter northern Britain (VIDEO)
As an area of low pressure, dubbed the ‘weather bomb’, makes landfall in Scotland and northern England, Brits have taken to social media to share their experiences of battling high winds and traversing snow. Others, predictably, are more flippant.

Huge waves are battering the northern coastline, while high winds have left some 17,000 homes without power.

For some, the morning commute was especially tough, leaving them virtual captives in their workplaces, forced to ride out the storm.

But spare a thought for the obligatory windswept reporter on-the-scene.

Of course, it was far easier for those safely ensconced in the warm indoors to dole out the trivializing memes.

Or even grasp an opportunity for some witty political commentary.

The business minded are already cashing in on weather bomb merchandise.

Meanwhile, skepticism rages in those parts of the UK as yet untouched by the Atlantic Blitzkrieg.

In the main, however, many are simply enjoying the favorite of national pastimes: gassing about the weather.