#BlackFriday: Brits react to manic sales shopping

#BlackFriday: Brits react to manic sales shopping
It isn’t even December yet, but for thousands of Brits it’s time to shop till you drop, as annual ‘Black Friday’ sales take place across the globe.

Black Friday is better known in America, and is largely considered to be the first “official” day of Christmas shopping.

Although there are no historical or religious rituals involved, it has quickly become tradition for shoppers to grab anything and everything in sight – and for news networks to film all of it.

‘Black Friday’ has now come to the UK. While for some it’s a way to get their hands on a (cheaper) TV, or grab some designer threads, not everyone is thrilled.

Some shoppers turned up early. Really early!

Others shoppers clashed…over television sets

Some stores got so rowdy that the police had to be called in....

And while the masses shopped, others pontificated on what Black Friday meant for humanity.

What a time to be alive!