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Stanislav Cherchesov
Get the news and stories about Stanislav Cherchesov –a Soviet and Russian footballer who played as goalkeeper. Stanislav Cherchesov has been coach of the Russian national team since 2016, preparing it for the 2018 FIFA World Cup held in 11 Russian cities. Find news and updates on Stanislav Cherchesov and the World Cup. Cherchesov himself played for Russia at the 1994 World Cup and UEFA Euro 1996, and was a member of a number of football clubs starting in 1981. Visit to find news and articles on Stanislav Cherchesov’s early career. Stanislav Cherchesov started his managing career in 2004 as coach of Football Club Kufstein, and then managing many different teams before becoming head coach of the Russian national team. Follow RT for news and information on Stanislav Cherchesov’s managing career.