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Protests in France news

Visit RT to get the latest news on protests in France, where people have been protesting for several months against economic inequality and pension reform. Protests in France continue, while Emmanuel Macron’s government insists that the reforms – which will see 40 pension plans merged into one – are designed to simplify the pension system, making it more transparent. Visit RT to be updated on this matter. In France, protests against controversial pension reform plans have escalated into clashes between demonstrators and police in Paris – follow RT to get more details. Anti-establishment demonstrations are popping up all over the world, in countries with different political systems and varying levels of wealth – go to RT.com to read experts’ opinions and analysis. Police have been accused of using excessive force to quell anti-austerity and Yellow Vest protests across France, with more than 20 protesters having lost eyes in demonstrations against Macron’s deeply unpopular reforms – visit RT to get special coverage of the events as well as Ruptly live feeds.