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Falcon news

Visit RT to read articles on the Falcon rocket, including breaking news and the latest updates. Don’t miss viral stories on the Falcon rocket. The Falcon was created by Elon Musk’s SpaceX corporation – find out more on RT. Read updates on SpaceX’s latest achievements, particularly on the Falcon rocket successfully launching two NASA astronauts into space from Cape Canaveral in May 2020. At that moment, SpaceX became the world’s first private company to launch a manned spaceflight – stay with RT for more. Find out more details on the launch, as well as photos and videos of the Falcon rocket. Learn about the reactions to the Falcon rocket launch, including statement from Russian space agency Roscosmos. Check out stories on the Falcon rockets’ previous flights – in late 2018, the Falcon 9 managed to deliver supplies to the International Space Station, but failed to land successfully. Read expert and analyst opinions on Falcon news on RT, as well as space exploration in general.