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Apple news

Read all the latest on California-based tech giant Apple here on RT. Get all the latest news and stories on US tech giant Apple on RT.com. Read all the details on all of today’s Apple news. Dig deeper with RT on trillion-dollar tech giant Apple’s struggle with privacy and the US government. Read more on US President Donald Trump as he took to Twitter to question Apple CEO Tim Cook’s design of the new Apple iPhone. Get more info on a German app developer who warns against trusting US tech giants Apple and Google with your coronavirus data. Get all the details on how France hit US tech giant Apple with a 1 billion euro fine over anti-competitive practices. Get expert analysis and opinion on all tech topics including US tech giant Apple. Visit RT for more information on surveillance, privacy, spying and more on US tech-giants such as Apple. Get more on tech giants such as Huawei, Google, Amazon and Apple news on RT.com.