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AfD news

Visit RT to read news about the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD). Don’t miss updates on AfD Party news. Get all the latest about violence towards AfD Party members. Find all the news about Thuringia’s newly elected PM supporting an AfD deputy. Turn to RT to read about cars of AfD Party members torched in Germany. Check out RT for updates on regional and federal elections in Germany. Don’t miss the latest on AfD Party members like Jorg Meuthen, Alice Weidel, and Tino Chrupalla. Visit RT for news about protests against the AfD Party in Germany. Find updates on AfD’s cooperation with other German parties like die Linke, SPD, FDP, the Greens, and CDU/CSU. Turn to RT to read about the policies of the AfD, including immigration. Check out RT for the latest on the AfD Party’s activities during the coronavirus pandemic. Get all the updates on the possibility of the AfD Party splitting amid controversy surrounding its radical wing. Read expert and analyst opinions on AfD Party news on RT, as well as the political situation in the world in general.