Sochi and London hold Olympic brainstormer

A forum has been held in Moscow to boost co-operation between the Olympic cities of London and Sochi - the respective hosts of the next summer and winter Games. Both parties are looking to learn from each other.

The Olympics is the most-watched sporting event in the world. Billions worldwide are expected to watch the London Games, which get underway in less than nine months. However, getting ready to host the globe's biggest sporting extravaganza is, of course, no easy task, and that's why London and Sochi are looking to learn from each other's successes and mistakes.

The meeting was held at the British Embassy in Moscow, where members of the organizational committees and business communities from both cities got together to exchange ideas.

While both cities had to build a number of new venues for the Games, London had the advantage of having a world-class transport system already in place – the same could not be said of Sochi, where everything has to be built from scratch.

While Sochi has just over two years to prepare for the 2014 winter Games, London's time in the spotlight is just nine months away.

Both cities have learned heavily from past Olympics, and are continuing to compare notes, to ensure they can produce two memorable sporting festivals.