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4 Dec, 2012 08:53

Winter Olympics Update: Iceberg ready to welcome figure skating stars

There's less than a week to go before the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi hosts the world's best figure skaters in the final of the Grand Prix series, which will become an ultimate test for one of the key venues of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The elite tournament will cap three years of construction and will host up to twelve thousand spectators during the Games.

The seats are in, communications are up and running and the ice has been made – all that's left for a perfect test is the arrival of the Grand Prix Finals participants.

“We want the palace to be bright, cozy and convenient for the athletes and referees,” the Olympstroy vice president, told RT. “All those, who built it were dedicated to creating the most comfortable environment for all. Even foreign figure skaters should feel at home in this place.”

The process of completing the Bolshoi Ice Dome which will host the ice hockey tournament is also underway.

The latest hi-tech device put on trial was the media cube, whose sides are six meters high.

Another cutting edge feature is the screen with a 360 degree view that will certainly offer a new perspective for fans of the Winter Games.“The board is just 6 mm thick, it’s the thinnest possible today,” contractor Vadim Zavialov, explained. “This cube screen’s resolution is higher than HD and high definition is known to be best among TV screens.”

The next and final stop for this edition of the Winter Olympics Update is where over a hundred distinguished representatives and guests of the International Olympic Committee will call home during the Sochi Games.

This five-star hotel is already in operation and will host the media at the upcoming figure skating Grand Prix Final, which will also be a test before welcoming the IOC President Jacque Rogue and company in 2014.

“The rooms range from standard guest room to a presidential suite,” Vitaly Kolosov, project manager, stressed. “Work in all the rooms is complete. They are furnished, equipped and ready to accommodate guests. We are within walking distance of the sea and the Olympic Park – it’s just a ten minute walk and much faster by car.”

There’s 429 days left before the world descends in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Black Sea resort is ready to welcome top athletes for test events, of which there will be many throughout the next year.