Russian fighter’s secret training at sausage factory

Russian fighter’s secret training at sausage factory
While most of the martial artists prefer sparring against real fighters, renowned Russian heavyweight Sergey Kharitonov chisels his techniques on … hog carcasses.

On Tuesday night, the 31 year old was spotted at one of the Moscow sausage factories. His one sided fight with a dozen carcasses had reminders of the Rocky movies, lasted for 15 minutes and didn’t leave the fighter fazed.

“We were brought up on the films with Van Damme and Stallone. They can really inspire,” he said.

Kharitonov says the way his punches landed is similar to the feeling during a real bout, and suggested that more sportsmen should include such practice in their training.

The show in the sausage factory was part of the build up to Kharitonov’s K-1 fight against Mark Miller to be held in Moscow on Saturday. The American, dubbed The Shark, has recently promised to squeeze Kharitonov in 30 seconds. Well, hopefully the Russian has something to respond with.