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17 Mar, 2010 08:39

“Enthusiastic coaches are behind Russia’s Paralympic success”

The main reason behind Russia’s successful performance at the Vancouver Paralympics is the enthusiasm and dedication of its coaches, Russia’s Paralympic Committee Secretary General Mikhail Terentyev told RT.

Tuesday became the first day for the Russia's Paralympians without a medal. A downturn in the biathlon and cross country skiing – usually the team’s forte in winter events – may have had something to do with it.

Regardless, Russia leads in the overall standings with six gold, six silver and three bronze Paralympics medals. The team also stands the chance of breaking its own four-year-old record of 33 medals.

“I think there is only one thing that can explain the successful performance of our athletes. We have talented and enthusiastic coaches, who joined up with the Russian team during the nineties and after the millennium. It is thanks to them that they stayed with us during the difficult times during the nineties, when there was absolutely no state support,” believes Terentyev.

Terentiev continued, “So the only people, who would be interested in training our athletes are enthusiasts and people who genuinely love what they do and want to help develop future sportsmen. I am so grateful to these coaches as now we are starting to get some great results,” adding, “The organization of the various programs for our athletes is absolutely crucial.”

“How they train, how they get ready and perform in competitions – without these coaches, and general managers who are able to look over the most minute details, it would be almost impossible to make the most of all the financial packages that are on offer from the government,” Mikhail Terentyev concluded.