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17 Feb, 2012 09:25

Running daredevils conquer frosty Moscow

Despite the subzero temperatures in the Russian capital keep-fit and jogging fanatics haven’t let the weather freeze their love of exercise.

The Moscow based running group is less than two years old and its membership is growing. It might be -20 C outside but the subzero temperature is no barrier to these daredevils.Morning welcomes the group of amateur runners with a biting chill. It’s hard to imagine what exactly possesses an individual to throw on a pair of sneakers and go for a jog keeping in mind that any exposed skin will no doubt fall victim to the piercing cold. However, each one of those enthusiasts has a personal goal to accomplish, and the instructors are ready to help achieve the task no matter how big or small.The running club employs training specialists and uses several Moscow parks throughout the year, offering free of charge training to anyone. Summertime is by far the most popular season for the club with hundreds and even thousands of people participating, however, there is plenty of work for instructors during winter as well.Foreigners who are working or studying in Russia are regular participators. Many of them find this to be a perfect way to meet new friends.In addition to regular training sessions with a professional instructor, this running club also offers an interactive experience on its website. But the real challenge isn’t online; it’s outside, where true heroes are made in an unforgiving Russian winter.