Russia’s Olympic champs to get €100,000 reward

Russia’s Olympic champs to get €100,000 reward
Russian athletes who bring home gold from the London Olympic or Paralympic Games will receive the equivalent of 100,000 euro as a reward from the Russian government.

On Friday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed the instruction, which will no doubt sweeten the preparations for Russian Olympians.

The ruling guarantees all gold medalists in London will be awarded 4 million roubles – around 100 thousand euro – on their return to Russia. Silver medallists will receive 2.5 million roubles and bronze medallists 1.7 million.

Meanwhile, the Sports Ministry and the country’s Olympic and Paralympic Committee will work to motivate coaches and other staff behind Team Russia’ssuccess. All the cash will come from the federal budget.

Russia has gained ground in many sports recently, excelling in medal-rich disciplines such as weightlifting, fencing, swimming and rowing.Russia is also a traditionally strong in boxing, gymnastics and track and field events.

The country’s Olympic officials forecast a top-three finish for Russia in the overall medals count this summer in London.