Extreme mountain bikers storm Moscow slope (VIDEO)

Some men can’t, or won’t, be stopped by bumps and bruises – this past weekend saw extreme mountain bikers brave the elements on the outskirts of Moscow for the Partizan 2012 biking event.

­On Saturday night, over 60 adrenaline junkies tackled a challenging slope just outside the Russian capital. Their aim was to get from the top to the bottom as quickly as they could, but it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

“It's not dangerous, it's interesting, this is a technical kind of sport, which implies being able to control yourself and to handle your bike,” competitor Georgy Travin told RT. “So this is not just about knowing how to ride your bike, but about emotions – you need to have yourself well in hand.”

A handful of riders managed to keep themselves – and their bikes – under control and navigate their way to the bottom of the track, though plenty of them picked up their share of scrapes on the way.

No serious injuries were reported, even though some of these valiant bikers waited until well after midnight to attempt to conquer the slope.

Watch the video to learn more.