Long-distance call: Cell-phone throwing record beaten in Finland (VIDEO)

Most of us have felt like taking out our frustrations on a misfiring mobile phone. But for some people, tossing their cell has become more than a psychological safety valve. It’s a matter of winning and losing as well.

­Beautiful lakeside scenery has played host to the 2012 Mobile Throwing World Championships, which took place near the town of Savonlinna in Finland.

The signal reception perhaps isn’t great out in the far-flung Finnish wilds, but it didn't really matter in the event.

This year's tournament proved that fancy throwing technique isn't always the answer in the highly-charged environment.

Local favorite Ere Karjalainen showcased his disdain for technology by tossing his mobile phone to a massive 101.47 meters.

The 18-year-old now has the buzz of being a world record holder, but how's he going to call for a taxi home?