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9 Mar, 2012 08:21

Kickboxing prospect Mineev disassembles the French Machine

One of Russia’s biggest kick-boxing prospects has notched his ninth win in 10 professional fights as Vladimir Mineev settled an old score against Frenchman David “the Machine” Radeff.

The fight between Mineev and the 2010 world kickboxing champion from France became the main event of the increasingly popular Fight Nights showdown, which hit the Russian capital for the sixth time on Thursday.No titles were at stake, but the motivation there, making the fight not just furious, but even dirty at times.The background comes from 2010, when the Frenchman kicked a friend of Mineev's after the bell, handing him a serious knee injury.Rage against “the Machine” was how this match-up should have been labeled, with the Russian getting his revenge in style.Mineev knocked Radeff down in the second round, rocking him again seconds later and, finally, forcing the referee to stop the fight.“Early stoppage? Yes, probably,” the Russian said afterwards. “I wish, we had continued. I would’ve… with pleasure.” “Yes, it was a bit dirty at times,” Mineev added. “But I think, that's what made this fight so spectacular. And what fans like about combat sports – it's not about spitting into somebody's face before the fight or setting up a brawl during a press-conference. Just some live emotions which make a fight even more exciting.”However, it was not only fury and drive, but a well thought-out plan that gave Mineev the edge in this bout.“I have watched a lot of Radeff's fights and consider him as a very dangerous and unpredictable opponent – aggressive and very powerful,” he said. “But I also noticed his weak side. That's why I recommended Mineev to get busy with body shots and aim at his liver. And this plan proved to be very efficient. “ The top of the bill followed some other eye-catching action, which closed with the women's fight on International Women's Day. Russia’s Yulia Berezikova taook on a martial arts specialist from the Czech Republic, Alyona Hola.“I feel like a woman 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and I don't need any special days to get that feeling,” Berezikova said. “So I had no problem about having a fight on International Women's Day. It's even better as most martial arts fans have a day off today and the arena is packed-out.”And the perfect armbar submission truly signaled the Russian beauty is just as irresistible both in and out of the ring, with Berezikova claiming the win.