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5 Nov, 2011 09:50

Khasikov ready to humble another K-1 legend

There is a big welterweight title fight in Moscow tonight. K-1 Russian champion Batu Khasikov is hoping to take the W5 crown from legend Mike Zambidis.

The Greek, nicknamed “Iron Mike”, is a well-established force in the sport, boasting a record of 85 knockout wins, while Khasikov is only taking his first steps in K-1, but has already humbled another legend, Albert Kraus, in his previous fight.Khasikov's next clash will go even further in bolstering his reputation in the fight game. In Moscow, on November 5, Batukhan will take on another K-1 great, “Iron” Mike Zambidis. The man, known as the pride of Greece, has certainly been around the block recording a full 148 wins during his career. Now one of his numerous welterweight titles – the W5 crown- is on the line.“I won't make any predictions for the fight, but what I know for sure is that Batu is treating the upcoming clash as the fight of his life. So I'm preparing myself for a very tough brawl,” says Zambidis.Batu himself has been eager to show his focus, his confidence and maybe just try to get inside the Greek veteran's head a little too.“I don't think I could've bullied him if I had tried to really do so. I just wanted to see his reaction and get some more knowledge of what he's like,” Batu says before adding, “I don't feel the pressure. It's just part of the game. I prefer to have the last word in the ring!”Despite being the same age, 31, the fighters are polar opposites in terms of experience.Zambidis has fought everybody and done everything. Khasikov is still on the up and well aware a solid showing in the upcoming clash will open just about every door in the sport.“Mike is an extraordinary fighter, good in both punching and kicking, very light on his feet. But we've done a great job preparing for the fight, studying him very closely. And each of his actions will face my counter action,” pledges Batu.And those actions are coming very soon, in Moscow, this Saturday night.