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23 Mar, 2012 21:06

Kharitonov eats the Shark alive (VIDEO)

Russian fighter Sergey Kharitonov has delivered a devastating knockout to US rival, Mark “The Fight Shark” Miller, in their K-1 bout at Moscow’s Golden Glory event.

The match lasted for just a minute and a half, with Kharitonov being completely dominant in the ring.The Russian, who was 20 kilos heavier than his opponent, sent Miller to the floor twice, before finishing him off with a powerful combo, involving punches to the shoulders and the head.“All that I do, I do for you, for my dear airborne forces and Russia,” Kharitonov said after the bout.The 31-year-old has had more bouts under MMA rules, but he said training in Thailand and the Netherlands has helped greatly in succeeding as a kickboxer.“Thai boxing was invented in Thailand, so it’s the best place to learn the art,” he explained. “I encourage more Russian fighters to go train in Thailand and the Netherlands as it’ll make Russia even stronger.”Miller explained his loss with wrong tactics he chose for the bout.“I fought stupid and I paid the price,” the American told RT. “I tried to one-shot him. I got him one time, saw that he was hurt and I pushed it. That was a mistake.”Miller is the only fighter ever to come back to the ring after open-heart surgery, which he undergone in 2007. Kharitonov’s K-1 record stands at two KO wins and as many defeats, while he’s doing a lot better in the MMA with 18 victories (9 KOs) and five losses.