Double success for Russia at World Fencing Championships

The Russian men’s and women’s saber fencing teams have celebrated double success, both clinching gold at the World Championships in Paris.

­The men’s squad, with Alexey Yakimenko, Veniamin Reshetnikov, Nikolai Kovalyov and Artem Zanin, collected a 45-41 win over the Italians in the finals.

They were 4-15 down toward the beginning of the clash, but managed an impressive comeback.

Meanwhile, the Russian ladies – Sophia Velikaya, Dina Galiakbarova, Julia Gavrilova, Svetlana Kormilitsyna – also scored a team victory on the night.

They made an easy job out of Ukraine, cruising to a 45-33 victory to repeat their success of 2004. 

Hosts France took the bronze after beating the Americans with a 45-35 scoreline.