Monson has his revenge on Emelianenko brothers (VIDEO)

Legendary US fighter, Jeff Monson, has defeated Russia’s Aleksandr Emelianenko in the main event of the M-1 Challenge 35 event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the arrival of Mixed Martial Arts in Russia.

­The bout went according to the American’s plan from the start as he made the taller and heavier Emelianenko Jr wrestle.

The 31-year-old Russian managed to get through the first round, but it was all over in the second, with Monson’s submission hold granting him the win.

Emelianenko asked his rival for a rematch right after the bout, but it seemed the US fighter didn’t hear the question.

When given the microphone, he thanked the Russian fans and the organizers, adding that “it was an honor to face such a strong fighter as Aleksandr.”

It was Monson’s fourth appearance in the ring in Russia as the 41-year-old defeated local athletes Denis Komkin and Aleksey Oleinik earlier this year.

In 2011, he was beaten by Fedor Emelianenko in Moscow, coming out of the fight with a broken leg.