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10 Oct, 2022 08:04

Russian MMA star set for final bout before army call-up – promoter

Vladimir Mineev will compete in a kickboxing contest in Moscow, his promoter says
Russian MMA star set for final bout before army call-up – promoter

Russian MMA star Vladimir Mineev is planning a kickboxing bout in Moscow in November before joining the army, according to promoter Kamil Gadzhiev.

Mineev, 32, revealed last month that he had received a draft summons as part of the partial mobilization ordered by President Vladimir Putin.

The MMA fighter has military experience, having served as a paratrooper. His younger brother, Pyotr, was killed during fighting in Gostomel earlier this year.

According to prominent Russian promoter Gadzhiev, Mineev will be able to contest one more fight before he joins up with the military.

“Objectively speaking, before joining the army, Vladimir Mineev will only be able to fight according to the rules of kickboxing,” Gadzhiev told RIA Novosti.

“It is scheduled for November 18 and will be held in Moscow, at CSKA Arena. Mineev will fight with the Brazilian Fernando Rodrigues.

“I think that the FKR (Russian Kickboxing Federation) Pro belt will be at stake in the fight. I believe that many athletes who are known for their performances in other sports can take part in this kickboxing tournament in Moscow,” added the promoter.

Mineev has spoken of his desire to answer his military call-up amid the conflict with Ukraine, vowing: I’m not going to run. I’ll take the summons and go to the military registration and enlistment office, and from there, whatever the Motherland decides.”

Mineev last fought in September, also in a kickboxing contest, where he defeated Bosnia’s Erko Jun in the Russian city of Elista.

On that occasion, Mineev entered the ring with a T-shirt dedicated to his brother which bore the message: “Be a hero. Live forever.”

Mineev’s last MMA contest came in October 2021, when he defended his AMC Fight Nights Global middleweight title against compatriot Magomed Ismailov in a highly anticipated clash in Sochi.   

Mineev has won 16 of his 18 professional MMA outings, suffering just one loss and one draw.