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4 Oct, 2022 13:10

NFL star flattens animal rights protester (VIDEO)

LA Rams superstar Bobby Wagner did not take kindly to the interruption from a protester
NFL star flattens animal rights protester (VIDEO)

It didn’t go the way of the Los Angeles Rams in their all–California showdown with the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night, but Rams star linebacker Bobby Wagner at least got to take out some frustration on a pitch-invading protester who made the significant mistake of approaching the star defensive player on the sidelines.

The unfortunate protester made his way onto the field late into the second quarter of the game while carrying what appeared to be flare which was emitting pink smoke.

The agile protester managed to evade the pursuit of several stewards but strayed directly into the firing line of the six-time first-team All Pro and 2022 Super Bowl champion, who wasted little time in sending the invader flying to the turf.

So impactful was Wagner’s shoulder charge that it left a noticeable divot on the field afterwards.

I just saw someone running on the field,” Wagner said after the game, which was won by the 49ers by a score of 24–9. 

It looked like he wasn’t supposed to be on the field so I saw security was having a problem, so I helped them out.

That’s just keeping it safe. We don’t know what that fan’s got or what they’re doing.

We all know what they’re carrying in their pockets, and whatever that little smoke stuff is, that s**t can be dangerous.

One of the guys on the other side looked like he got hurt and security looked like they were struggling – so I was frustrated and I took it out on the fan.

“I think security is doing the best they can and I just saw and opportunity to help them.”

Wagner’s heroics were subsequently lauded by 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

I saw Bobby Wagner taking somebody out,” he said. “I thought that was kind of cool to see.”

The protestor was swiftly removed from the field after the bone-crunching hit, with play resuming soon afterwards.

It was the second pitch invasion of the night by someone holding a similar device emitting smoke, but the first was quickly stopped by security. 

Animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere appear to have taken responsibility for the incident, with a social media account linked to the group stating that the invader was highlighting a trial which began on Monday in which animal rights activists are charged with ‘rescuing piglets from a US farm.