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18 Aug, 2022 15:14

Russian ‘Olympic queen’ shares news after surgery

Anna Shcherbakova had a knee operation in Germany on Thursday
Russian ‘Olympic queen’ shares news after surgery

Russian Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova has begun her road to recovery after undergoing knee surgery in Germany on Thursday. The 18-year-old announced to fans this week that she would be going under the knife to treat a longstanding ailment.

“Today the operation took place. Of course I was worried, but the doctors say that everything went well,” Shcherbakova told TASS.

“Thanks to everyone who was concerned for me and supported me. And special thanks to our figure skating federation for helping and taking care of my health.”

According to TASS, Shcherbakova’s surgery was to treat a torn posterior horn of the meniscus.

First announcing the news of her surgery on Tuesday, Shcherbakova had said the issue had hindered her from training properly. 

“Professional sport is a full dedication. Unfortunately, because of my old knee injury, I can’t train in full force.

“In several days I will have a surgery. Anyway, I am sure that everything is going to be good,” the star had written in a message to fans. 

Shcherbakova posted an update on social media after the operation, sharing an image of herself in a medical gown and using crutches.

“The surgery is over. Thank you for the support, I received a lot of messages with your kind wishes,”  read an accompanying message. 

Prior to her surgery, Shcherbakova had been taking part in a series of exhibition shows, the likes of which are popular among Russian skating stars in the off-season amid high demand from the public.

The director general of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Aleksandr Kogan, said they would “wait and see” regarding Shcherbakova’s health once she had returned from Germany.

“At the moment, we wish her a speedy recovery,” he added to RIA Novosti.  

Russian national team ‘test skates’ are scheduled for September 24-25 in Moscow, although beyond that, Shcherbakova and her compatriots remain banned from International Skating Union (ISU) competitions next season because of the conflict in Ukraine.

Shcherbakova was crowned Olympic women’s singles champion in Beijing back in February, adding to her 2021 World Championship title. The Moscow-born star is also a three-time Russian champion.

There were suggestions after the Beijing Games that Shcherbakova could retire, with the professional careers of female skating stars often short, although she later said she was determined to pursue more success on the ice.

Shcherbakova and fellow Russian teenage stars Kamila Valieva and Alexandra Trusova enjoy strong popularity even outside their homeland.

Speaking last month, Chinese businessman Li Jun of Beijing Global Dynamic Media said the company was keen to organize a tour for Shcherbakova, Trusova and Valieva, adding that they had legions of fans in the Asian country clamoring to see them perform.